6 Ways to Use White Space in Web Designs Smartly

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White space in DesignsWhite space in web designs is vital. Unfortunately, very few designers can use it smartly. Its use becomes trickier especially in mobile responsive layouts. Mobile devices and tablets have different screen sizes. Obviously, there’s no one-size fits-all theory when it comes to web designing. As a result, designers have to use the latest graphic design tools. These tools use the white space without interfering with the customers experience in any way.

What is White Space?

The space around an object in a line, text, or image is called White Space. Everything from spacing to line height falls under this category. It is important to create balance between various design elements in the layout.

Significance: White Space serves multiple designing purposes. Some of them are:

  1. Strengthening Interaction: Suppose, you’ve an eCommerce website. You may want to display your products on a page. In such a situation, white space in web designs is essential. This white space will allow you to place high resolution images along with content.
  2. Guiding the Visitors: Flashy and interesting images you add on your website attract the visitors’ eyes. White space calms the eyes. Therefore, your audience can easily see what you want them to.
  3. Enhancing Visual Appeal: It makes your website appear aesthetically pleasant from different mobile devices.

Types: To bind your audience to the site, you need to understand how various types of white space can work together. And for that, you need to know the types.

  1. Macro: The space surrounding the content elements of your site is called Macro Space. You can see it anywhere in the layout.
  2. Micro: The space between the content elements is called Micro Space. It includes space between grid images, paragraphs, and the lines.
  3. Active Space: According to designers, Active White Space adds to the clarity of the page’s structure while guiding the users simultaneously.
  4. Passive Space: Passive White Space adds beauty to the layout without redirecting the readers in any way.

However, using this white space in responsive layouts is little tough. And, in this blog, you’re going to learn exactly that. So, are you ready to take the deep dive?

Ways to Use White Space in Web Designs

Honestly speaking, while making a responsive design, you have to compress the content so much that you’ve very little white space left with you. Therefore, you’ve to use it intelligently to get the balanced approach. Get ready to learn.

  • Design for Touch Targets: MIT Touch Lab says that the ideal touch target size ranges from 30 to 40 pixels. Maintain this size to ensure optimal view of the website to your audience. Any good web design company will include some white space between different touch targets. It will enable your users to touch the targets only they want to explore.
  • Allocating Points: Give yourself points when you’ve to add more content on a page. As for instance, you’ve 15 points to draw user attention. And, each time you add one element for that, one point is deducted from your total amount.

If you’ve to add more elements in one page, you may need to use many elements to make the page look awesome. But, while doing so, you have lost all the points. Now, obviously, you cannot create more white space there. Then, what’s the solution? You should know how to use minimum elements while maintaining the page’s appeal.

  • Use Your Creativity: Expand your creative wings. Play with vibrant colors (relevant to your industry), typeface size, fonts, and what not. Integrate them in your website in a way that it will enhance the effect of the resulted layout.
  • Adjust Navigation Menu: Responsive design should ensure consistent seamless user experience. That being said, you may need to create breakpoints in your white space. Your site may have numerous links. As such, most designers prefer to use the three-bar hamburger icon.

Do you want to show your menu distinctly? Then, tab bar is your answer. Use tab bar and make all your sections visible instead of hiding them with a hamburger icon.

  • Go for Vertical: Mobile responsive layout has a confined space. You’ve to put all the elements within that space. So, you’ve to trickily use the white space in web designs that the various content elements maintain a consistent gap, thus adding to the aesthetic appeal.

As such, it’s advised to arrange the content in the menu beneath each other. On the contrary, if you arrange them horizontally, the website may have a cluttered design. Make sure that your website has clarity and simplicity so as to not to confuse the readers.

  • Place Mobile-Friendly Images: This is one of the most effective eCommerce strategies. Place the images vertically along with white space in between them. Remove those design elements which you find unnecessary, provided it is not affecting the readers’ experience.

Paying attention to how to use the white space in web designs wisely will draw huge traffic. However, for the non-tech savvy people, the process may appear little tough. Therefore, you should hire a reputed web design company having years of experience in designing websites of various industries.

Complete Web Graphics is a renowned web design and development company. Our team is efficient to handle a wide range of web designing related challenges. Click on to get in touch our experienced team.

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