Top 20 Must-Have Points to Guide E-Commerce Web Design

Wednesday, September 26, 2018  |

Ecommerce web design checklists

You’ve an eCommerce website. But, that’s not driving as much traffic as you’ve expected.

Why? What’s wrong?

Maybe, your users are not at ease in browsing your site. It happens when there’s something wrong with your website’s design. There are certain must-include features of eCommerce web design to enhance your users’ experience.  Check out whether your online store has all the points discussed in this blog.

20 Must-Have Points of eCommerce Web Design

  • Responsive: The renowned Magento development company in Kolkata says that most of the shopping searches and order placement are done on mobile nowadays. According to a recent research, near about 62% people use smart phones to buy their things. If your website looks like a trash bin on tablet or Smartphone, visitors will jump to other stores.
  • Cart Icons on All Pages: Nicely-built eCommerce sites like Walmart and Amazon have cart icons on the top right screen of all pages. If your customer has added any item on the cart, he will be able to see how many items are there in the cart.
  • Page Heading Optimizations: Use only one H1 tag in all the pages of your online store. This H1 tag should contain the main keywords of your website. Any well-known Magento website development company in Kolkata uses the H1 tags before other header tags like H2, H3, H4, and so on.
  • Visible Checkout Button: Your checkout button should be clearly visible. Generally, this button is placed beside the cart icon.
  • Search Bar on Every Page: Place your Search Bar at the top of every page of your website. This will help your customers to look for what they want, irrespective of whatever page they go on your online store.
  • Easy-to-Understand Navigation Menu: Easy-to-understand navigation menu enables your visitors to browse easily through different categories of your products. Categorize your products using general terms. As for instance, an online beauty product store like Nykaa has segmented their products into categories “Makeup”, “Skin”, “Hair”, “Personal Care”, and so on.
  • High-End Security: With the increasing rate of cyber-crime, people are started to look for online stores with high-end security features. Use cutting-edge technology to maintain the data of your customers securely. Make sure, you’re offering them an encrypted form when they’re giving out their banking details.
  • Include Logos: If you’re selling products of reputed brands, show their logos wherever there’s a scope. By doing so, you can build trust in your audience. They will start to consider your site reliable as many big brands are ready to do business with you.
  • Eye-Catching Call to Action: The best eCommerce company in Kolkata emphasizes upon the importance of catchy CTA or Call to Action button. If you’re having any exclusive deals that your customers might interest in, use CTA buttons like “Explore Our Exclusive Deals”. Link this button with your Deals page.
  • Use Appealing Photos: Smart choosing of photos is important to boost your online sales. Hire a professional photographer who will photo shoot the models using your products. Capture the real-life photos of people wearing your dress to appeal to your audience emotionally.
  • Product Description: Write a comprehensible product description of every product you display. It will not only help you to engage customers for a more time but also give them a detailed idea about the product. Make it such that they can use it as ‘Buyer’s Guide’.
  • Display Availability of Stock: Suppose, your customer has clicked on a product. But, when you direct him or her to the buyer’s page, it is showing ‘Out of Stock’. This may upset your prospective customer. So, display stock availability right below the photo of that product in the product page. It will enable the customers to have a realistic expectation from you.
  • Show More: When your customer has endless choices, he is likely to click more. It, in turn, increases your chances of having more sales. By ‘Show More’ here, we’re advising you to add a section named ‘You May Also Like’ or ‘Best Sellers’ just below the product description page. In this section, you can show them the products similar to those they have already searched for.
  • Include ‘Filter’ Option: Add a Filter or Sort section at one side of the Product page. If you include a filter button, your customers can easily get the product in their preferred color, brand, style, and price. As for instance, your customer is looking for a pink jumpsuit within a fixed price range. Then, she will go to the Filter section. Tick the boxes of her preferred color and the price range. And, your website will display the result accordingly.
  • Customer Review Scores: Your customers trust other customers. As per any well-established eCommerce website development company, Kolkata, customer review scores of products give the prospective customers an idea about its quality. If the product has high rating, they are likely to buy it than a product with low rating.
  • ‘Add to Cart’ Button: While browsing, your customer may come across a product that impresses him, but he has a plan to buy it later. Then? At that time, he will click on ‘Add to Cart’ button and that product gets added to the cart. By adding the product to the cart, he will be able to access it later, whenever he wants.
  • Photos from Different Angles: Take snaps of the products from different angles. You can also add a zoom in feature to help customers take a closer look at the product even before getting it.
  • Support Page: It’s quite possible that your customers will get confused during the checkout process. So, where will they go to get help? Of course, it is to your Customer Support page. Make sure, your employees are there to help customers at that time. Provide them with customer support round the clock.
  • Expected Delivery Date: Don’t let customers go on expecting delivery every day. Most of the well-known eCommerce website designing companies in Kolkata include feature that will calculate the delivery date of a product in the Product Description page. As such, your customers will know whether they can use the product for the occasion, even before they place the order. An estimated delivery time will enable them to have a realistic expectation of the delivery.
  • Show the Exact Charges: Everyone likes to know what they are paying for. Your customers are not an exception to it. Don’t forget to mention all the charges on the cart page. As for instance, you may have delivery charges. Mention the exact delivery charge on the page so your customers will know the total amount he or she has to pay.

Include all these points in your website. If your website doesn’t have any one of them, you may not make your online business successful. However, you may not be tech savvy. Hire a professional who can do it for you. You can consider hiring Complete Web Graphics as they have successfully handled many eCommerce web designing and developing projects of different industries. Click on to know more about their services.

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Great article! SEO is growing so fast in India. It would be added advantage if you have both the skills such as SEO+ graphic designing.


I must admit that your post is really interesting. I have spent a lot of my spare time reading your content. Thank you a lot!

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Richard Francies

Fantastic blog!Thank you so much for sharing this kind of wonderful things.

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