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Monday, June 6, 2016  |


Are you aware of the latest On page SEO tips? If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must know them. The internet has become a part of our everyday life. The Big Internet Boom has brought in great new opportunities, but as more and more people are getting hooked to the world wide web, the competition too has become fierce. In the rapidly dynamic scenario today, you need to be absolutely updated and execute strategies to stay fit. When it comes to internet based businesses Search Engine Optimization plays a critical role. This is exactly why we, Complete Web Graphics, would try to update you on the latest trends of the Search Engine Optimization Techniques through this blog to give your business a big boost.

Latest SEO factors

Gone are the days when you would do some basic check listed SEO activities at some point of time and then forget about, for long. Today it is necessary for you to you evolve a SEO based strategy. A strategy which involves systematically conducting SEO related activities along pre-planned, regular intervals for ensuring best results. Here are some key points to note:

The Loading time of your Website:

With Mobile Searches dominating the internet space, it is important that your website gets loaded faster. Google always prioritizes user experience. Which is why there is direct correlation between Google’s rankings on the Search Engine Result Page with the loading time of the website. Now speed is considered to be a key in user experience. This is all the more relevant on mobile searches, where in the abandonment of slow websites is even faster compared to computers. So you must always ensure a faster loading time for your website.

Minimizing Distractions while visiting to Web Pages:

Often we tend to provide various popups once the visitors visit the website. This may help to collect information regarding the emails and other details. Though it may lead you to collect the information about some unsuspecting visitors but rarely would these actually get converted into business. In fact these pop ups may instead irritate the visitor and lead to higher “Bounce Rates”. Through the process called pogo-sticking, search engines like Google identify visitors bouncing out of your website and treat such sites as negative. So you need to actively minimize such distractions in your site and carefully guide visitors to your zone of conversion.

Strategy for choosing the Right Keywords:

The conventional strategies of using Google Analytics and Adwords along with the traditional methods of finding and using the right keywords always work fine. But in 2016 you may have to go a step further and work on some catchy phrases which would catch grab immediate attention. The use of such phrases would offer scope a whole lot of permutations and combinations. Another tip is to use of related keywords. The effective use of such related keywords in your content would capture a wider group of web searches and bring them into your web site.

On Page SEO basics:

The basics of getting the title tag, meta tags, Snippets, etc are still just as important. Along with which the URL structure needs to be simple and self-explanatory. The role of good content on lines with what the visitor is searching for can hardly be over emphasized.

So though the basics of SEO would always remain the same but you always need to be updated with latest trends and make strategies accordingly.

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