8 Rules Every Software Developer Should Follow

Thursday, February 14, 2019  |

Software development

A software developer handles different projects in his career. This varied software development projects instill in him specific mindsets and behavioral characteristics. Needless to say, it is these behavioral characteristics and mindsets that make them unique. On the basis of our interviewing of many experienced software developers, we’ve pointed out the following rules of achieving success in this field. Check them out.

Software Developers should follow these Rules

Write Reusable and Legible Codes

You can use any of the available methods to write legible, clean and easy-to-test codes. While involved in software development, most developers tend to write big codes. As a result, the main purpose of coding that specific element is lost. Instead of doing so, they should focus on one function only. They should also assign meaningful and simpler names to functions and variables. This will enable them to write easy-to-read and understand codes.

Test Only What You Need To

There are certain elements that need to be tested. As for instance, libraries, frameworks, and infrastructure of your developed website. Generally, the professionals don’t require testing of external libraries and the browser. At the same time, testing the code he has written is significant. Test only those codes that are necessary.

Software Architecture

Your system’s architecture is represented by the software’s architecture. The architecture of the software is done in such a way that it will efficiently meet all the requirements of the project. As for instance, the interfaces between the software system, host operating system, and so on. Once you know the specifications of your software development, designing the objects and the interfaces becomes easy.

Choose Standard Built-in Types

Python built-in types are easy to use followed by C. Using it can improve your performance. Avoid using custom objects and practice your hands in standard built-in types.

Go for Documentation

Documentation of the software’s internal design is vital. You will need it for maintaining and enhancing the performance of the software in future. Don’t forget to document especially for the external interfaces. All these documentation help the developers a lot.

Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY

DRY matters a lot in production coding than in testing. Make certain that your individual test file is easy to read. Instead of taking the test coding altogether, it is read individually. Of course, you can go for overuse of a specific code for your convenience. But, it isn’t of much significance in test coding.

Take Help from Others

Share the ownership of your code. Siloed knowledge always hurts. Ask your seniors and experts in this field to give you opinions regarding your design and implementation. Try to get the opinions before coding. Their opinions will help you to avoid design mistakes.

Allocation of Resources

Programming is the most over-priced part of software development. A well-planned resource allocation is important before the developers start working on the project. This allocation will tell them who is going to handle what part of the project. It strengthens the understanding between the developers and ensures good output.

Developing software isn’t easy. Following the rules discussed above is important for anyone who aims to make a prosperous career as a software developer. To know how an experienced software developer can help you, reach us at

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