10 Tips to Create Facebook Ad Campaign that Convert

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Are you not getting expected results from your Facebook ad campaign?

Is spending huge money on Facebook ads making you frustrated?

You’re not alone in this game. Many online entrepreneurs are investing a lot of their hard-earned money only with the hope that this time their Facebook ad campaign will bring result. Unfortunately, they’re not happy with the results most of the times.

Finally, these people stop throwing money in this strategy. And, certainly, they’re taking the wrong decision.

Instead of stop investing in Facebook advertisements, what they should do is to revise their STRATEGIES.

Thankfully, there are few tweaks with which you can come out with flying colors. Furthermore, these tips don’t require you to be an expert social media marketer. So, buckle up and start learning the tips.

Amazing Tips to Create Strong Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy

Include Clear CTA Button in All Ads

That’s common, right? However, oftentimes, people neglect this ‘common’ factor. Some of the professional and quick-to-get-click CTAs are ‘Get it Now’, ‘Sign Up Now’, ‘Shop Now’ and so on. These kinds of CTAs can increase your conversion rate by leaps and bounds.

Track Your Sales and Not Clicks

Obviously, you’ll be happy when you see 1000+ audiences have liked and shared your ads. But, is it going to bring you sales? Not necessarily. We mean to say that clicks and shares are vital to give more exposure to your ads. But, the ultimate goal of running an ad is to make sales. Therefore, find out which of your ad campaigns are working fine. Instead of paying more money to the Facebook ad campaign, figure out how much you’ve invested, which campaigns are successful, where your campaign is lacking, and should you spend more.

Speak More About Benefits

Your ad should clearly tell how it can help your audience.  Otherwise, they won’t show interest. Make sure you’ve listed all the features of your products. Create in them the need to buy your products. Don’t hesitate to spend more time in determining how your targeted audience can benefit from it. Always, go for legible content so that your audience can read it easily.

Use Proper Background Color

Facebook’s blue/white color combo may appear boring to your audience. Rather, explore. Find out which color suits your message and industry the best. Choose your background color wisely. Proper use of background color helps you to convert cold traffic. Though often neglected, this is a vital part of your Facebook ad campaign.  So, invest your time in researching about the right color.

Optimize Link Description of Your News Feed

Use news feed link description to include more info about your ad. You can give extra information about your product here. However, avoid giving any vital information here in the link description. Make the link description clear and simple.

Set a Specific Location

Generally, people do this wrong. As for instance, if you run a local business, drill down the ad by setting preference to your demography. This, further, brings local genuine customers to you. Resultantly, your sales increase. For every ad you run, pick the following factors rightly.

  • Demographic (age, gender, and so on)
  • Radius around that business
  • Zip code

Link Your Ad with Campaign Landing Page

This Facebook ad strategy will boost your conversion rate. When the audiences click on your ad, it should redirect them to your website’s landing page. As a result, they’ll get what they wanted. Consequently, your brand will gain more credibility. This, further, builds audience trust in your brand.

Trust is a vital factor to drive sales from Facebook ads. When they trust you, they won’t hesitate to gie their payment info. Ultimately, sales happen.

Experiment with Ad Placement

Split tests are the best to find out where your ad should be placed. Don’t afraid to experiment. It’s not at all necessary to place your ad in the news feed right-column. Moreover, there’s no thumb rule that it has to be placed in news feed desktop ads.

Rather, try out different ad placements. Determine where the ad placement is working fine. However, you can run a placement report for that. This enables you to control your ad budget.

Keep Your Facebook Video Ad Short

What’s the ideal length of a Facebook video ad that tells its story efficiently? However, Facebook has recommended 5-15seconds is the best length to create video ads that get clicks. Still, they’re allowing the ads to extend up to 31 seconds.

According to Facebook, “Shorter videos have higher completion rates.” As such, the audiences can get your message quickly. Finally, your sales boost.

Focus on Mobile-First

95% of Facebook users use mobiles to stay active on this platform. Moreover, if you create mobile Facebook video ads, then you’re likely to have low cpm and high engagement rate. So, consider mobile-first design. Check whether your created design will appear good on mobiles. Make sure your audiences are able to read the content easily from their mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

Consider all these factors mentioned above while framing your Facebook ad strategy. Many software are now available to make the job a plain sailing. If you need any kind of professional help regarding your social media marketing or Facebook ad campaign, reach us. To get in touch with our team, click on

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