11 Types of Websites You Can Easily Build Using Elementor

Wednesday, July 10, 2019  |

ElementorWordPress is giving a tough competition to other website building platforms.

If you’re planning to use WordPress to build advanced websites, this is the blog for you.

Surely, you know WordPress has unlimited plugins. Among them, we’ll show you how you can make a dynamic website easily using its Elementor plugin.

Elementor plugin has both free and paid version. It’s easy to use. Its extensive options enable you to design various kinds of websites within minutes. Read on to find out some awesome websites made with Elementor.

Some of the different types of websites you can build using Elementor are recipe websites, portfolio, business directories, ecommerce stores, and real estate listings.

Creating Dynamic Websites with Elementor

CPT or Custom Post Types are easily accessible tools of WordPress. They are used to customize a website. Use them to give the desired look to your website. Combine CPT with Elementor to format your website as per your wish. Moreover, it will help you to include unlimited data. Apart from it, this combination offers some other advantages too.

Custom Post Types allow you to design different types of websites. Its numberless plugins help you to:

  • Manage types of toolsets
  • Create Custom Post Type UI
  • Create Custom Post Type Maker

Want to know how to use it for your website? For that, know which types of websites are good for its use. So, read on.

E-Commerce Sites

Generally, Elementors are used extensively in online stores. Most people prefer it to build different sections of ecommerce stores. Ecommerce stores include the following sections mostly.

  • Product image
  • Sizes
  • Price
  • Variations
  • Color
  • Stock availability
  • Rating
  • Shipping info

Definitely, you can include all these sections in the website from scratch. But, it will take time. Combine Elementor with WooCommerce Builder to ease your job.

Service Based Sites

Many sites that offer services use Elementor plugin. It enables them to customize the design of their websites as per their needs. The result is more traffic engagement. Common sections included in this type of website are:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contact Us

You can also make your team page visually stunning with the help of this plugin

An appealing ‘About Us’ page is important for all websites. People love to look at the faces behind the scenes. So, you’ve to make it engaging.

Create Custom Post Types for all your team members. Don’t forget to include the following things there:

  • Image of the team members
  • Their designations
  • Department
  • Expertise

Leverage Portfolio widget or archive function of CPT while using Elementor. This will enable you to place your entire team member in a single page.

Coupon Sites

Offer coupons and generate huge income from affiliate marketing. Actually, it is one of the best ways to monetize your website. Just add the button of your affiliate link to the coupon. It will enhance the appeal.

Portfolio Sites

This is a common example of websites made with Elementor. People use portfolio sites to highlight their skills. The main purpose of highlighting is to get more work. Oftentimes, portfolios include the following information.

  • Client’s Name
  • Nature of work done
  • Project description
  • Year of work
  • Technology used

Elementor comes with many plugins. Use anyone of them to build your portfolio website.

You can either use Post or Portfolio widget to showcase your portfolio items. Also use its Testimonial widget to allow your readers to know what your clients think about your work.

Online Courses Sites

Many sites are now selling their courses. In this way, it is becoming similar to eCommerce sites. WordPress is crowded with huge learning management plugins. If you’re interested to build your own online course, switch to WordPress.

Commonly include sections in online courses sites are:

  • About section
  • Course videos
  • Instructor profile
  • Skills taught in the class
  • Price
  • Syllabus

Here, also Testimonials are vital. Your users will read it before they buy your course. Include them using Elementor.

Structure the pages’ content with the help of Elementor’s Sidebar, Accordion, and Tabs.

Review Sites

One of the best Elementor websites are Review Sites. Whether you’ve a movie or book review site, using CPT will make the job easy. Actually, these kinds of websites need huge data. And, CPT stands out in providing you that.

With its use, you can easily display:

  • Director/Author
  • Genre
  • Rating
  • Release Date
  • Description

Your options will vary depending on the item to be reviewed. Smart use of CPT plugins will help you to get the desired look for your website.

Real Estate Listings

The challenges of building real estate sites are slightly different. A lot of offers only can attract your traffic. Some of the details you should mention are:

  • Number of rooms and floors
  • Footage/Square meters
  • Detailed images
  • Price
  • Contact Number

Custom Post Types have advanced custom fields to help you include all these informations.

Restaurant Sites

Running a restaurant is one of the toughest jobs. To get more customers on a daily basis, your website should be engaging. However, you can customize the website using Elementor. Some of the sections commonly included in these kinds of websites are:

  • About
  • Menu
  • Locations
  • Delivery
  • Reserve a Table

Recipe Sites

Customizing recipe sites are fun. These kinds of websites widely vary from others. These are loaded with information such as:

  • Ingredient
  • Portions
  • Cooking time
  • Nutritional values

If you’ve lots of recipes to share, include various sections like:

  • Main course
  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Snacks

And so on…

This is the best website type to leverage the power of custom taxonomies. Give the needed structure to your website using Elementor’s Accordion, Image Gallery, and others.

Business Directories

Business Directories are other good examples. Manage your content with customization options of Elementor. Also, put in the following sections.

  • Business Type
  • Location
  • Opening hours
  • Contact info
  • Rating
  • Testimonials

However, you can use several Elementor modules such as Google Maps, Testimonials Carousels, Image Gallery, and Social Icons to include the above-mentioned information.


WordPress has made the job of building Classified Sites easy. Furthermore, Custom Post Types will help you to put in many listings without any hassle.

  • Job Offers
  • Items for Sale
  • Events
  • Services
  • Apartments

The Bottom Line

With Elementor, designing any kind of website is possible. Its flexibility creates endless opportunities for you. Apart from the above-mentioned examples, there are lots more. If you’re not confident in leveraging the potentiality of Elementor, get in touch with a professional web design company.

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