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Your website isn’t driving as much traffic as you’ve expected? Does it have high bounce rate compared to its conversion rate? Time has come when you should think about redesigning your website. Don’t forget that your website creates first impression upon your audiences’ minds. A

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If you’ve online business, you surely have heard about SEO. Today, you cannot make your business successful without these SEO tricks. Imforza reported that 75% of users click on the results appearing only on the first pages of search engines. This notion emphasizes on the importance of investin

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Everything changes. Instagram isn’t an exception to it. With 13% of people on Earth using the platform, it’s quite natural that it will introduce new changes to deal with the rising activities. If your Instagram account is not bringing you enough customers it should bring, check your Instagra

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Google prioritizes its users the most. As such, it brings those websites to the first pages that can benefit the users with relevant information. Various factors like loading time of your webpage, domain name etc. play important roles to determine a predominant position of your website in Google

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You’ve an eCommerce website. But, that’s not driving as much traffic as you’ve expected. Why? What’s wrong? Maybe, your users are not at ease in browsing your site. It happens when there’s something wrong with your website’s design. There are certain must-include features of eC

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“The site ahead contains Malware.” This red box warning is enough to make your heart beat faster. Getting this warning means your site is hacked. Hackers can access all your information by hacking your website. Nowadays, most websites are created on WordPress. So, it’s important to secur

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To develop a mobile app engaging users isn’t a ‘walk in the park.’ Just implementation of great ideas may not work here. Rather it needs proven marketing strategies to drive engagement. An app with no user is considered as a bad app. You should look for ways to increase your app’s engage

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How many times you have thought ‘Content-first’ or ‘Web designing-first’? To most of the companies, Design is first. As such, the websites suffer. Content is the base of designing. Your website tells its story through the content. It decides the layout and flow of the website. Without

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Corporate blogging consists of many individual blogs, written and published by a company or organization. It also has a summary blog that incorporates all of the individual blogs. Organizing a corporate blog can create many opportunities for your company or organization to be found online to generat

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Basically Video Marketing means promoting your business through videos. Video marketing plays an important role in Digital Marketing. Today the demand of video marketing is growing. Most digital marketers use video contents for promoting their websites. Through videos you can reach your target a

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