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Many technologies evolve almost daily to hit the digital world. Among them, AR or Augmented Reality is rapidly expanding the horizon of eCommerce industry. According to Gartner, AI will handle more than 80% of total customer interactions. Exploring online space and resolving the eCommerce cha

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The social media landscape is changing rapidly. Therefore, you should update yourself with the latest trends regularly. Otherwise, your social media marketing strategies are likely to suffer. Time has come when you should revise your strategy. Take a closer look at 2019 social media marketing tr

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Ebook! There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about it. Indeed, it has become a key element to generate leads. You can regard it as a permanent game in the publishing industry. Ebooks are not a trend that will fade with the passage of time. Writing an ebook is easy. And, getting it is eve

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You surely want a website that loads quickly on mobiles. Just optimizing the pages for mobile users may not make your website load fast. So, what should you do? May be time has come when you should pay attention to AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. Kissmetrics’s recent study shows that

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A software developer handles different projects in his career. This varied software development projects instill in him specific mindsets and behavioral characteristics. Needless to say, it is these behavioral characteristics and mindsets that make them unique. On the basis of our interviewing o

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Wherever you turn your head, you’ll see people engaged with their android phones. Needless to say, its emergence has captivated a lot of people. As such, android developers are consistently trying to include more features in the same. But, a good android developer only can make a device vis

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SEO is going from tough to tougher. You’re either trying to maintain your #1 ranking in SERPs or framing strategies to improve it. So, how’re you planning to re-strategize? Let’s first focus on On-Page SEO. In this blog, we’ll teach you 15 advanced tricks to take your web page to

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The increasing use of smartphone is steadily replacing computers. Use of voice search is also increasing. These cult-defining trends are compelling search engines to update their products or introduce new ones. As for instance, Google My Business. Google My Business or GMB allows online busin

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SEO is crucial for any online business. But, the search engines evolve constantly and update their algorithms. That’s why, you’ve to know various tactics to beat your competitors. Every year, the online competition is growing. Obviously, 2019 will not be an exception to it. Let’s start learn

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You create website to increase your sales. And, that’s possible when your website is visible in search engine results. If you want to hit the local customers, offer your content in the local language. Fortunately, hreflang is there to ease the job. What is Hreflang? The hreflang is a part o

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