How Can You Balance Website Design with SEO

Friday, December 14, 2018  |

Web Design and SEO

Do you know customers alone cannot bring you sales?

For that, you need to work on your SEO strategies too.

Your website should be SEO-friendly so that the customers can find you easily. Google processes more than 2 trillion searches per year. As a result, an SEO-optimized website is likely to get more visitors. Such a website will get high ranks in SERPs. Therefore, more audiences will visit the website.

However, you need an appealing web design to bind those audiences. At the same time, it has to be user-friendly. It’s pretty tricky to balance UX (web development) with user-friendliness of the website. You just have to maintain a strong communication between SEO and the development teams. Make sure that the visual and usage aspect of the site is simple. Also, check different pages of the website to know where more content is needed.

Generally, the companies set up two separate in-house teams of SEO and web design. Unfortunately, most of these owners don’t take any step to encourage communication between these two teams. Consequently, they fail to design a successful website. So, what’s the solution? Can you get desired results if your SEO and Web design teams fail to communicate with each other? Read on to know.

Points to Consider

Consider these points to establish a balance between SEO and UX.

  • Site Navigation: Web designers focus on user experience and aesthetic appeal of a site. They ensure easy interaction of consumers with various elements of the website. As such, they maintain the simplicity.

On the other hand, SEO consultants check whether the users can easily navigate through the various website pages. A well-optimized web page will have:

  1. Fewer tabs and menus
  2. Sub-category pages


  • Long-tail keywords

Organize categories and subcategories pages while optimizing it. Write blogs, FAQs, etc. to post them at different platforms. It will help you to generate traffic directly to your product pages. This cross-linking will enable your users to know more about your company. Besides, your Google ranking will improve.

  • Content: Everything on your website is content. Even, animations and images are included in it. Oftentimes, developers don’t care to add alt texts to the images. Therefore, Google couldn’t read those images. SEO team should write alt texts for those images before making the site live.

The SEO team should find out what kind of content will help the users. For that, they need to consider the pages individually. As for instance, you can give the company’s overview in ‘Home’ page. In ‘About Us’ page, you can write about your success journey. Precisely said, create the content according to pages’ topics.

Always write Indexable Content. Google indexes easy to explore and understand content quickly. If Google can index your site’s content with ease, your website will get high ranking in the search results. And for that, convert the site’s content into HTML text format.

HTML Vs. JavaScript

Unfortunately, HTML lacks many features that JavaScript offers. That being said, most of the developers prefer to use JavaScript. This use of JavaScript helps them to work the website in a way they’ve wanted. But, at the same time, it creates many issues that come in the way of Google crawling the website. Some of these issues are client-side rendering, code errors, and many more. Google has to depend on many external resources to crawl such a site. Additionally, it becomes a time-consuming process, ultimately affecting the site’s speed.

Both SEO and Web design teams should be aware of such issues. They should find out the solutions. Or, it will be better if the developers stop using JavaScript while providing website development services.

  • Responsiveness: According to a recent survey, more than 57% of web traffic comes from mobile searches. When such is the situation, making the websites responsive has become crucial. All your offered SEO services will be futile if the users cannot access your company’s website from their mobile devices.

It’s the responsibility of both the SEO and Web Design teams to work on improving the site’s speed. Remember, if your site is taking more than 3seconds to load, the users may jump to other sites offering the same services.

Ways to Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed

  • Cut down website’s redirects
  • Remove all render-blocking JavaScript
  • Optimize the images to increase loading speed
  • Use browser caching to improve response time of your server

Also, check how your website is looking on a mobile screen. Are the content readable? Are all the features working fine? Take necessary steps accordingly.

  • Images: The size of website and product images matter a lot. If you’re using too-big sized images, it may slow down the speed of your website. As such, Google will not prioritize it for search engine results (It means your website’s rank will suffer).

Generally, developers ignore the image size as they focus more on its resolution. That’s why, they sometimes choose heavily-sized images. On the other hand, SEO team prefers to use small-sized images to not to affect the site’s speed. As a result, conflict may arise between the teams.

Fortunately, the availability of image compression tools has made the process easy. Anyone can use these tools to compress the images before using them on website. These tools reduce the file size without compromising the images’ quality.


Bridging the gap between SEO optimization process and web development is essential to design a website with optimum performance. Any reputed SEO company in Kolkata understands the importance of balancing these two teams. One such company is Complete Web Graphics. If you want to get their services, click on

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