8 Skills That Will Make You a Great Android Developer

Friday, February 8, 2019  |

Android Developer

Wherever you turn your head, you’ll see people engaged with their android phones. Needless to say, its emergence has captivated a lot of people. As such, android developers are consistently trying to include more features in the same.

But, a good android developer only can make a device visually appealing and feature-rich. Now, comes the question, how would you know who is a good developer? An experienced developer should have the following skills to give an outstanding job.

Experienced Android Developer’s Skill

Technically Strong

There are many android tools like APIs, Android Studio, Android SDK, and so on. The developer should be able to efficiently handle third-party libraries as well as APIs. Just getting training won’t bring much success to a developer. Rather, he should be well-versed with various aspects related to build apps for different devices.

Knows Java Programming

In-depth knowledge about Java programming language is a must for a skilled android developer. He should know even the toughest java programming syntaxes. Only, then, he will be able to build android apps that work.

Cross-Platform Knowledge

As the mobile market is growing, users are getting the chance to pick the browser they’re comfortable to carry on with their searches. As a result, big shots like Google and Apple are giving efforts to provide users with cross-platform solutions. In such a situation, your selected android app development agency should be able to build apps that can give optimal performance on different operating systems.

An Eye for Detailing

The developed app has to be user-friendly so as to promote your brand through it. And, to make it user-friendly, it should be aesthetically appealing. A successful android app developer will understand the requirements of a good design well. Therefore, he can create apps that can hit the market successfully. An app that has good design, user-friendly, and slick functionality can cater to the clients’ objectives perfectly.


Your android developer should have the urge to take in new things. Adaptability is vital to become a successful professional in this industry. He should be able to adapt himself easily with the latest changes taking place in android applications and should know how to leverage them to their fullest potentials.

Smart Thinking

Assessment of various facts is significant before proceeding to develop an app. While being creative, he has to be a smart thinker to determine which design will work best for that particular app. This smart thinking will help him to incorporate a maintainable coding.

Update Knowledge

The world of android app is evolving rapidly. Therefore, the features you’re using today may seem outdated tomorrow. But, if you update your android-related knowledge regularly, you’ll be able to include the latest features. As a result, the app developed by you will have all the essential features to encourage downloads.

Spatial Reasoning

Being an android developer, you should be able to visualize spatial relations between the designing elements. At the same time, thinking in terms of 3-D is important too. Think from your users’ perspective while designing the interface. Handling of real-life projects and regular practice will help you to strengthen your spatial reasoning.

A good android app developer only has the expertise to design an app that meets a clients’ business goals. If you want an experienced developer, get in touch with our android app development team by clicking on

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