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Unleash the Power of Social Media with Us to Give Maximum Exposure to Your Brand

Popular brand equals high conversion rate. So, making your presence dominant in various social media channels is important. And, we’re good in doing that.

Make the Most of Each Media

One-dimensional communication has come to an end. This communication starts with the sale, and then goes on. When it comes to social media practice, we, as a reputed SMO company in Kolkata give our thoughts to engagement and promotion plan. Actually, we’re social specialists expanding your reach through well-built strategy that lasts long. Our strategy to create brand awareness is activated among various social platforms to give your business the highest impact through it.

Get Uniqueness

The social landscape is bit complex. Explore the potency of your brand with our content creators and social media experts. We post contents that engage readers, interact with your audience, and look for conversation that is relevant to your niche. All the in-bound enquiries are managed by our in-house talents. To keep the game going, your social media profiles have to remain active. And that’s what we exactly do and that too interestingly.

Outstanding and Informative Content

Though many blame us, yet we do it.
We create content that can keep your readers dig their faces into mobiles for hours. And when it’s about content, sharing isn’t scaring. The more shares and likes your content gets, the more exposure your business enjoys. Our team finds out the sweet spot where the three elements, your brand’s message, analysis of audience, and certain fine distinctions at different platforms meet together. This helps our SMO service provider to know your audience’s needs. Accordingly, the story is shaped.

Build Strong Relationship with Your Customers

Whether you’re directly involved or not, take part in major discussions to make your brand renowned. But, to participate wisely, you should consider the sentiment involved in the discussion. The tools we use help us to know the sentiment and volume of the discussion. As such, we take part in them smartly and make sure that no one’s sentiment is getting hurt during the entire conversation. These conversations act as a catalyst to strengthen your relationship with your prospective and existing customers.

Step it Up

A paid content has to be genuine. Your audience should find such a content authentic. It is only then you can easily integrate the paid content with the organic ones. However, paid isn’t enough to step up your profile. That’s why, we mix different strategies considering KPIs to make the profile stand out. We also take into account marketing partnerships of influencer to give you the best possible outcomes.

Measure Often

Our social programs are designed to reach your business goals. We measure time and again to determine the increased percentage of your ROI. All strategies are tracked by our team. We also keep a record of the impact created by both bought and earned social platforms. With the use of a relevant database, the measurements are done by us. By doing so, we get an idea of the impact our strategies have left in the minds of your customers as well as in the online social realm.

Base it on Facts

Your audience can ping you at any time. Following the content calendar to know when to post thus becomes difficult. Therefore, we stay flexible to respond to different discussions or enquiries your customers crack in. This has been possible because of the latest social listening tools that we use. Such a tool has enabled us to identify trends that can add value to your brand. As a result, we can create the contents that will let the conversation go on by engaging the readers.

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