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SEO isn’t only maths. It’s art. We combine ethical backlinks, engaging contents, and algorithm skills to make your brand high-flier in the search results. If you’re looking for a full service SEO company in Kolkata, we’ve got you covered. Link building, local SEO, on-page technical SEO, and what not! With us, your SEO journey won’t have ups and downs.

A Thorough Analysis of Your Website

We’re your SEO puzzle solver. And to prove it, an in-depth review of your website is carried out. It’s essential to form your SEO baseline. We also conduct full link audit and build more quality links, if required. Links from authorised websites are used to ensure top rank to your website. Your online competitors’ movements are also counted on to plan the customized strategy efficiently.

Keyword Research to Know Your Audience

SEO has to be earned. That’s why, we target the right keywords with the Google Keyword Planner. To get cracked on keyword listing, your audience’s thinking way is counted on. Thenceforth, we review your site’s analytics to hit those keywords that are bringing to you huge conversion rates. All factors and parameters affecting the keywords’ ranks are considered while giving you single-word, mid-range and long-tailed keywords.

Content Optimization to Value Your Site

Natural incorporation of approved keywords in your site’s content matters. With your approval, we include them in the content to make it SEO-rich. At the same time, we never stuff your content with keywords. Our team optimizes the content properly by including both branded and non-branded keywords. Near about 2-5 relevant keywords are used by us to optimize each of your web page. Once the changes are done, we answer the “Why’s” behind each change.

Custom Tags to Tell Who You’re

Thinking Meta Tags are dead? No, it’s not. You still need them to maintain the usability of your site, thus leading to increased CTR. Tags are the sources through which Google knows you. So, we are ready to invest time in tagging your website with meta tags, title tags, H1 tags, and image tags. All these tags work behind the scene and help the search engines to index you.

Technical SEO to Uncover What’s Hidden

Websites become technically efficient with technical SEO. Being a reliable SEO service provider, we use Google webmaster tools to dress up your website technically. With technical SEO, we determine the potential issues hurting your site. Our team prowls for duplicate content, indexing issues, responsiveness, page loading time, 404errors, and black hat SEO penalties. If any of these is found, it will be solved immediately.

Mobile SEO to Check Responsiveness

Mobile-friendly isn’t a digital trend. It’s a must. Google penalizes those websites that are not compatible for mobiles. If your website is not mobile-friendly, we will use our advanced technology and tools to make its layout easy to access from a wide range of devices. With semantic HTML5, adaptability is managed. As it is extremely portable, our team uses it to enhance your users’ experience.

Local SEO for Local Audience

Does your website have local relevance? Know it through our local SEO service. From Google my business to local link building, we don’t leave any aspect unturned. To bring local audience to your doorstep, various success metrics are executed by us. We speak your customers’ language to give your site a local profile. By using the right sources, we show your address on search engines to give you sales from the region you serve.

eCommerce SEO to Improve Sales

eCommerce SEO means product rankings improve in the search results, huge traffic to your online store, and many more. To let Google index you easily, we conduct technical SEO of the site. Security certificates and safe-to-use payment gateways are also included in the site to win the trust of your customers. Apart from it, we are also efficient in doing category page and product optimization. We also make use of our online sales funnel to find out the opportunities where sales can be done more.

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