HTML 5 Development Services

HTML 5 Development Services is a specialized task that requires more than just expertise and professional skills. It requires a vision to find out what the purpose of that HTML 5 framework will be and design accordingly. CWG has that vision to understand what you need and assist you in building up a website that is efficient. Our team of professional programmers and technicians have got several years handling HTML 5 development for numerous websites. With our team on board, you can be sure of efficiency in your website’s internal functions and development services that are in sync with your business needs.


HTML 5 Development Services We Provide

Here are some HTML Development Services that we provide:

  • HTML 5 Application Development: Our skilled team will work on application developments to bolster the HTML 5 platform
  • HTML 5 Plugin Development: These plugins are developed by certified professionals who are experienced in handling HTML 5, along with a whole range of similar platforms
  • Flash to HTML 5 Migration: We have the team that is proficient in handling both Flash and HTML 5. That makes the job of migration easier and more convenient, without losing any data
  • HTML 5 UI Design and Prototyping: UI or User Interface is what decides the fate of any website. Users should be attracted to the interface for the website to be a success. Our team develops the perfect UI that complements your business needs
  • HTML 5 Mobile App Development: Mobile apps are the next big thing on the internet. But simply developing an app is not enough. It must be robust and user-friendly. Our technicians help you development such HTML 5 mobile apps
  • Silverlight to HTML 5 Migration: The platforms of Silverlight and HTML 5 are well known to our team of technicians. As a result of their familiarity with both media, it is easy for them to migrate from one to another
  • HTML 5 Game Development: Games have to be eye-grabbing and efficient, built on a robust platform. Our team at CWG builds up the HTML 5 frame for games
  • HTML 5 Website Development: Get our HTML 5 on board to develop the backend operations of your website. With our knowledge of the platform, we will build up a website that will not just meet your business ends, but also be a delight for users in general


Why Hire Us

Here are some reasons why you should hire our HTML5 Development Services team at CWG:

  • Team of HTML 5 certified developers with several years of experience on each member
  • Professional expertise in handling tools CSS3, XML, JavaScript and JSON, along with several other HTML5 tools
  • Proficiency in handling platforms like MySQL, Joomla, PHP, JAVA, Adobe Tools, IDE, Eclipse, SVN, Apache Server, Django and Magento, among others
  • Round the clock assistance to monitor and resolve any glitches as and when they appear, if at all
  • Complete assistance in handling the HTML 5 framework while you concentrate on the core business areas