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Sunday, June 4, 2017  |

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Your website is one of your best asset for your business. Often at the time of launching you may not realize its potential. Your website is the face of your business on internet. Choosing the domain name is the first step you take while building your website. But choosing one requires lots of factors to consider. Once chosen there is no way of backtracking. The following are some of the basics you need to follow while choosing one.

It is important for your domain name to sound like a brand. The name should not sound generic in nature. Generic names are generally difficult to remember. When it comes to building a brand name, the recall factor is important. It is therefore important that you think of a name that is not generic in nature and one which would be easy to remember and recall.

Avoid domain names which are similar to existing brands. To create a distinct identity for your brand it must be unique in nature. It should not be similar to ones which are existing & operating in the same sector. If a similar name is kept then there is a possibility that your potential traffic could be driven to other website. This would create a lot of confusion, and loss of business. In fact it could also lead to unnecessary legal complications as well. To avoid any unwarranted situation therefore you must have a unique name. It would provide a distinct identity to your brand and your website.  

Try some name which is short. Remembering short names is easier. This would ensure a better recall factor as well. A short name means you would have fewer characters on it. This makes it easier also to share on social media platforms. Link building forms an important part of Search Engine Optimization, which becomes easier with a short name. 

Have a name which is easier to pronounce. With a name that is easier to pronounce, more would be spoken about. More people can relate to it the greater the popularity. Besides with a name which is easier to pronounce people can remember it easily and thus find it convenient to talk about it with others. 

.com still possesses its premium value. Even after so many years of the World Wide Web, people still have a fascination for a domain name with a “.com” in it. It is no wonder that these come at a premium price and people are ready to pay for it. Though there are other new domain extensions approved by ICANN are available now,  a .com is the one which is still the most widely accepted. So if you have a “.com” in your domain name, it might help to add a certain value to your website.

Use intuitive domain names. If you could have a name, where in the product you sell or deal in, gets highlighted then it may help. Also if you have scope of using the main keyword could prove beneficial as well.  

To conclude it can easily be understood that the domain name of your website is very important factor along with others like web designing, page contents etc. You must therefore devote quality time to have the most appropriate one for your business. 

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